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Previous events

Serf and James

Silo's, 530 Main Street, Napa

Serf and James are back after hiatus with new songs, stories, and free hugs.

Silo's is in the heart of downtown Napa. Boasting a full bar, small bites, and an intimate bistro-style music experience.

$5.00 Age limit: 18+


“Most unusual....Great ideas....Lots of promise....” 
Ray Manzarek - Battle of the Bands 

“The young group is catchy and engaging enough to garner admiration from both teenaged screamo fans and older college-rock aficionados. ...[with such] well-written songs that it’s a wonder [t]his band is still playing local shows.” 
Gabe Meline - The Bohemian 

“Wav  is a good first record full of well-crafted songs that vary in genre but in that magical way sound like they’re still being played by the same band. It’s an EP that has peaked my interest and leaves me wondering what they have up their sleeves for a full length.” 
--Jamie Robash, No More Division